About the Author

Chris Cravens HHP

As a Certified BodyTalk®, Holistic Health Practitioner, and former wellness center owner, Chris's studies have covered many forms of emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Chris suffered poor health as a child. A tragic loss in young adulthood led her to discover a holistic journey that turned her health around. She left a corporate career in the travel industry to pursue a path in the performing arts. Her studies included General Theatre Arts Studies, Middle Eastern Dance, Group Choreography, Hoop Dance, and Stage Performance.

When Chris shifted from performing arts into healing arts, she was able to bring the mind-body connection with her and obtained her certification as a holistic health practitioner in massage therapy, reiki, herbal studies, yoga, and BodyTalk®. Her BodyTalk studies include Epigenetics, BodyEcology, Eastern Medicine, Energetics, Principles of Consciousness, Bio-Dynamics, Lymphatic Drainage, and Macrocosmic BodyMind. She studied Anusara® yoga and practiced as an instructor in San Diego, California. 


Additionally, Chris has formed a cohesive health revolution by combining her yoga training with her dance and hoop-physics background. After years of collaboration with other like-minded experts, Chris shares her experiences through a unique lens. She is passionate in her approach and is dedicated to helping her clients redefine their lives in a meaningful way.

Chris lives nestled in nature with her husband and dogs in the Manzanita Mountain range of central New Mexico, near Albuquerque. 

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