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Chris Cravens

The Anxiety Antidote Mentorship gives you strategies and structure to change your current relationship with anxiety. This support will keep you on a steady course towards your goal. During the eight weeks, you will have access to a full tool kit of anxiety defusing techniques for a more cohesive and healthy lifestyle. These sessions allow you to integrate your current life-steps through personalized formulas that shift and grow as you do.

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What's in the course?

1 Weekly
Online Session ~ One-On-One

60 minute sessions, 8 total


Video Training & Homework

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Access 7 days per week


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Sessions will include the following:

Prioritize & Expedite

Let your body decide which healing factors or steps need to occur first. We will use BodyTalk™ to optimize your resources and tackle your anxiety's root issue instead of wasting energy addressing the communication signal or symptom.

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Deep Cortices Focus

Get a more detailed overview of Cortices Brain Balance and learn how to integrate change by tapping specific body locations, producing a wave of energy that initiates movement at a powerful yet subtle level. 

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BodyTalk™ Sessions

Go deep to unravel past experiences that are the root cause of the anxiety instead of masking the symptoms. Hydration, body chemistry, cellular repair, and active-memory are frequently involved in addressing the energy behind blockages associated with dis-ease.

Switching Strategy

Applying this nervous system reset technique allows you to stay more grounded during high energy situations that may have tended to overload you previously. It normalizes the stress threshold and aids in balancing both sides of the brain.

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Design A Yoga Practice

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced yogi, we will develop a customized yoga routine suited to your fitness level and abilities. We will take into consideration the unique aspects of your situation and find creative ways to work a yoga practice into your life-style.

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Pranayama Strategies

Together we will custom tailor your pranayama or breathing routine by gradually adding advanced techniques.

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Personalized Meditation

You will receive guided instruction to zero in on your specific goals. We will breakdown your goals into smaller steps using tools like the Chakra System as a guide for realistic outcomes.

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Journaling Strategies

Chris will assist you in fine-tuning and deepening your journaling strategies to address and balance your chakras and other energy systems.


27 Power Keys 

A closer look at the Power Keys from the A.N.T.I.D.O.T.E.S. chapters and how to insert them into your life.

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Recorded Training for Home Practice

Cortices Brain Balance Strategy

Use the provided video to incorporate the Cortices technique into your daily routine for a cumulative effect. Meaning, each session builds on the next to strengthen neuro-pathways.

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Meditation Strategies

You will have access to  nine recorded meditations from Chapters 4-12 that are recorded. Plus a bonus Chakra  meditation.

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